IoT for Beginners with IBM Bluemix and ESP8266 WiFi Module

In this series of tutorials I will teach you how to develop various Internet of Things (IoT) applications. After finishing this series, you will be able to collect data from your sensors and send it to the internet over Wi-Fi or receive commands from the internet and act upon them, use different online platforms to store, visualize and manipulate data, locate devices on a map etc. Also, I will teach you how to connect your devices to various services in order to build alarm and notification systems – send email and SMS alerts that are triggered by any physical parameter (temperature, motion, light…).

To collect data and send it to the cloud we will use low-cost ESP8266 system on a chip. These tutorials assume that you have some experience with programming and basic understanding of electronics. Previous work with any microcontroller platform would be helpful. We will program “things” using the most popular microcontroller development platform – Arduino. Since there are a lot of resources about the ESP8266, how to set it up, different modules, IDE options etc., I will just go over that part briefly in this tutorial. We will focus on building concrete IoT applications.

Lessons of this Series

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