Building Laravel 5.3 app with Multi-authentication and Social logins

In this serial of tutorials I am building Laravel 5.3 boilerplate project with multi-authentication. Beside user roles it also posses built-in support for social logins via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and GitHub, but it also can support a number of other OAuth providers via Socialite package.

If you are curious to see how will end result look, please checkout this Live demo.

Login Page

Login Page Screenshot


Very common option is require email activation/verification, here we are working on that part too. There is dedicated middleware which checks is email activated if no, user will see alert message above navigation bar. This feature can be turned on/off in .env file.

For sending verification email and password reset emails system uses Laravels latest Notification service. With that also comes option for using queue with notifications.

Feel free to comment here or open new feature/issue request on GitHub.

Lessons of this Series

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